IPhone, IPod and IPad users can now enjoy a seamless experience when accessing Cognesia. Rather than having to use a specific "app" (with restricted features and a new interface to learn) it is possible to access and use the normal Cognesia interface through the "Safari" web browser in the normal way, without restriction.

Due to the unique nature of touchscreen devices, and the specific user 'gestures' available on these devices, we have prepared this advice on how to get the best out of your use of Cognesia:

Using Cognesia on an IPhone, IPod or IPad

Most features of Cognesia will operate normally - allowing a user with experience of the interface to use it quite normally on their mobile device. In the following specific situations, the user should be aware of the following restrictions or advice:

  • General: Navigation: It is necessary to zoom in and out regularly. In particularly, it is necessary to zoom in when accessing controls, and viewing data. It is best to zoom out to select features from the main menus. Because of the small screens on IPhones and IPods in particular, it can be a real time saver to use 'favourites' that have already been created, rather than create new reports with specific settings.
  • General: Connectivity: It is really important to use Cognesia on a good internet connection. The interface can be used over a 3G connection as normal, but it should be in areas with good coverage. If you experience 'report hangs' or 'non-loading of interface items' it simply means your connection is not reliable.

    NB. IPhone, IPod and IPad users using OS v4.0 should upgrade to v4.0.1 which provides 'correct' wifi/3g signal levels on the indicator bars.
  • Using the Desktop module: Due to the way touchscreens are used, it is not possible to double click on an icon. Instead, you can select the item (as normal), and click on the 'Open' button.

    Opening an item in Desktop
  • Using the Audience Selection screen: Due to the way touchscreens are used, it is not possible to drag and drop. Hence, in this screen, a field cannot be dragged across to be selected.  Instead, you will find a + icon next to each field. Clicking on the + icon will cause the field to be selected and it will appear on the right hand side of the screen as normal.

    Selecting a field in the Audience Selection screen
  • Scrolling within controls: Some controls in reports (such as the 'dimensions' control) can have a large number of items. Hence the user must scroll the list to view or select items. However, in the IPhone, IPod and IPad, unlike in normal browsers, scrollbars are not shown. Instead, to scroll the items in a control, it is necessary to use a user gesture that is not commonly known. Place two fingers next to each other directly on top of the items in the control. Move the fingers up or down (together) depending on whether you want the list to scroll up or down. This user gesture can take some practising.

    Scrolling items in the Dimension control
  • Scrolling results within a table: A similar action is required to scroll the results in report tables. All report tables in Cognesia have a fixed header and first column - this enables the user to scroll the table without losing the header or first column, which is very useful. To scroll the table results on an IPhone, place two fingers on the screen on the results part of the table (lower right hand side). Move the fingers up or down (together). This user gesture can take some practising.

    Scrolling the table in a report
  • Selecting conversion events in certain reports: Templates like Performance, Conversion, Contacts and Visitors offer a control called 'Conversions' where you can select the conversion events you are interested in. On this control, the two main selection boxes are displayed in a (frankly) strange way on an IPhone, IPod and IPad:

    Selecting items in the Conversions control

    The user must also take two additional steps to successfully use the control:

    (1)  The user must click on the dark area on the left hand selection box. This action brings up the list of events that are available.
    (2)  The user must select the events they want from the list (multi-select is permissible). Having done this, the selection box will now show the number of events that were chosen. (By default, it shows "0 Items Selected")
    (3)  To select these events for use in the report, the user must click the right arrow (as normal).
    (4)  These events are now selected (the right hand selection box will shown how many items were selected), and the user can click 'Apply' (as normal).
  • SiteView Visualisation Feature: The SiteView visualisation feature uses Adobe Flash technologyu, which is not supported by IPhone, IPod or IPad. Hence, it cannot be viewed. However, the rest of the report continues to work normally and is quite usable.
  • Exporting reports into document format: The IPhone, IPad and IPad simply opens any internet document (such as Excel, Word and PDF) as a viewable document within the browser. As such, there is no real advantage to doing this. The report itself offers a configurable and enhanced view.

If you experience any problems using Cognesia in your IPhone, IPod or IPad, please contact your Account Manager.

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