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The Desktop module is an area where you can organise your work & access your favourite reports - in essence, your own 'workspace'.


Most importantly, Desktop is designed as a collaborative working environment, where you select any item (i.e. icon or folder) and share it with another user.


What should I know about the Desktop Module?

  1. This is your own space to do with what you want. If you create a report or folder, only you can see it.
  2. At heart, Desktop is a hierachial menu system, comprising two ‘view’s:

    Tree View – a classic ‘Explorer’ style tree diagram– used to navigate the folder structure.
    Folder View – similar to the Windows or Mac ‘Desktop’ – used to view folder contents
  3. In Desktop, you'll find several system folders which are there to help... for instant your 'Recent Reports'.
  4. You can also create your own folders and organise the contents however you like.
  5. All PinBoards are stored here, and you can add your own Report Views by clicking the * icon on any report.

Top Tips...

  • If you highlight an item, various buttons will appear allowing you to move, copy, rename or delete that item.
  • Double-clicking on a folder refreshes the folder area/screen to show the contents of that folder
  • Double-clicking on a report opens that report in a new Tab – with any favourite settings pre-applied
  • Double-clicking on a document - opens up the necessary (local) application
  • Dragging an icon positions it within that screen - the user can also control the position of items within the Folder structure through ‘drag n drop’.

For more information...

Desktop is relatively easy to get used to, and there are no specific articles available. We do however recommend reviewing the Training Videos or downloadable User Guide for further information.