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The Explore module has been explicitly designed to provide the useful information for web marketers as well as analysts.

What should I know about the Explore Module?

  1. You can't break anything! We encourage you to dive in, and play to your heart's content.
  2. The available reports can be accessed by opening the Analytics/Explore menu (the graph icon) where they are listed.
  3. When a report opens, you'll see a Report Guide that contains all the information you need to understand what it offers, and the options that are available to you. This includes Training Videos, downloadable PDF guides and a comprehensive online FAQ.
  4. Above the Report Guide, you'll see a variety of controls that you can use to build the content of your report. Some are the same for every report, and some are report specific. They may look a little scary at first, but you'll soon get the hang of them!
  5. Once you've got your options setup, click Apply to run the report!

Top Tips...

  • To run a report click on the Example of Apply button button, having chosen your prefered settings.
  • Add a report to your 'favourites' by clicking on the Example of Favourites button button.
  • Add a report to a PinBoard (a Multi-view dashboard) by clicking on the Example of PinBoard button button.
  • Refresh a report by clicking on the Example of Refresh button button.
  • Export a report to Word, Excel, PDF format (or to your printer) by clicking on the  Example of Export buttons buttons.
  • You can return to the report guide at any time while using a report, just click on the Example of Report Guide button button.
  • You can modify the individual settings (format) of your report by clicking on the Example of Options button button.
  • You can compare up to three dates and/or visitor profiles by clicking on the Example of Compare button button.
  • On some reports, you can lock onto the visitors you have selected by clicking on the Example of Lock button button.
    (This is an advanced feature. See 'Visitor Lock' for more information)

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