Setup Module


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The Setup module uses a wizard based approach to provide user management over the features and output of Cognesia. This includes being able to setup new content, scenarios and events for the time line.

What should I know about the Setup Module?

  1. Changes to settings here can effect your reports or data for you and other users on your account. If in doubt, review the Setup Guide information and/or contact your Account Manager.
  2. Each Wizard starts with a Setup Guide. explaing what the Wizard does and how you can use it.

Top Tips...

  • You can only run a report by clicking on the button.
  • Add a report to your 'favourites' by clicking on the button.
  • Add a report to a PinBoard (a Multi-view dashboard) by clicking on the button.
  • Refresh a report by clicing on the button.
  • Export a report to Word, Excel, PDF format (or to your printer) by clicking on the relevant button.
  • You can return to the report guide at any time while using a report, just click on the button.
  • You can modify the 'format' of your report by clicking on button, where you can control many settings such as Sort, No. of results etc...
  • You can compare dates or visitors by clicking on the button...

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